Frequently Asked Questions -Tutors

What are the registration requirements?

To create a tutor account, you must be over 18 years old, residing in Kenya and have a valid mobile phone number

How much is it to register for a tutor account?

Signing up is free. You will not pay any fees

How can I register as a tutor?

Registration on is very easy. Simply go to and sign up. After signing up, log in and update your profile. Once logged in, click on the various navigation links to fill relevant information about yourself.

What subjects do tutors offer tuition in?

You can list any subject you can teach in your tutor profile. This can be a subject students sit for an examination or for a subject someone learns for general knowledge advancement.

Where is tuition conducted?

Tuition is conducted at a location requested by the student. In most cases, it is done at the student’s home. It is advisable to work with students who stay near you.

How are tutors paid for tuition?

The student pays the tutor directly. The tutor and the student individually agree on the terms and conditions of service.

How can I create a compelling profile?

Creating a compelling profile takes time. To get started, upload a nice profile photo. The photo must be professional and one that makes students comfortable. Next enter the details about the subjects you can teach. Lastly, fill the sections on your profile on education, certifications, and your experience. Providing this information helps students know you better.

How can use the gallery?

The gallery gives you a pace to upload photos and videos about yourself. You can upload photos and videos when you are teaching to give students a feel of your ‘classroom’

Who can I contact to report an issue with my account?

If you are experiencing a problem with your tutor account, contact the site admin below.

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