Frequently Asked Questions -Students

What is Find a Tutor Kenya? is a website that brings students and tutors together. By listing thousands of tutors in your region, you have a large pool to choose from for that subject you are learning.

Do I need to register in order to use the website?

You are not required to register before using the website to find and hire tutors.

How Do I find a tutor in my area?

You won’t have to look far for tutors as lists thousands of tutors in your area. Simply enter your region in the search box and you will view the names of various tutors in your area. Give the tutors a call or submit an online form to get free estimates for all your tuition needs. It’s a simple, quick, and easy process; you won’t be disappointed!

What subjects do tutors offer tuition in?

At, you can find and hire tutors for any subject you are learning. This can be for a subject you are going to sit for an examination or for a subject you are learning for general knowledge advancement. No matter your tuition requirements, we have got you covered.

How much will I pay for tuition, and who will I pay?

Tutors charge individual rates for their services. Each individual tutor considers their expenses, actual tuition duration, and level of study to set their tuition rates. You can contact the tutor of your choice and discuss payment details with them.

Once you agree, the tuition will be offered according to the terms and conditions the two of you set. You will pay the tutor directly for services rendered.

Where is tuition conducted?

Tuition is conducted at a location requested by the student. In most cases, it is done at the student’s home. It is advisable to work with tutors who stay near you.

Can I leave feedback for a tutor?

After working with a particular tutor, you can rate the quality of services. This appears on the tutor’s profile. This is important as it helps other students know more about the tutor.